Your Portrait
  • Photorealistic Portraits

    Photorealistic Portraits

    This style uses a linear approach to art, which emphasises precise contours and form of the subject. It is of reproductional value dating back to some cave paintings – where scenes viewed were replicated. This requires immense detailing and knowledge of every visible object in the picture. If you are looking to preserve one for an heirloom, this might be your choice.

  • Painterly Style

    Painterly Style

    The mesmerizing strokes of the brush, which are applied with moderate controlled style, produce a fabulous result. If you are someone who likes coarse coffee and honey fresh from the honeycomb, then you are sure to settle for this. This is true and natural and reflects evolved taste for the finest.

    Painterly art uses visual effects of warm and cool tones, broken tones, broad brushstrokes and even avant-garde sketching.

  • Pop Art

    Pop Art

    Though Pop Art began as a movement in the 1950s, it is today perhaps a ‘cult of cool’. It reflects the cool casual attitude of both the subject and the artist, through its rendering in highly saturated colours and the emotional detachment from the work. It connects to the vibrant emotions that stoke subliminal feelings. If you’re someone with a pragmatic yet an uber modern approach, this could be perfect to add to your cool repertoire.

  • Conceptual Portraits

    Conceptual Portraits

    This is a clever device to lend a cue to the subject being painted. Apart from the subject being in the foreground, the background holds importance and reflects deep thought. Lending aesthetics, it transforms an ordinary image into a contextualised background showing a deeper understanding of the subject in focus. This suits people with deep experience, depth of personality and those with an aura. Perfect to gift an eminent, established personality.

  • Quirks & Caricatures

    Quirks & Caricatures

    Unleashing desires, fantasies and your quirks onto a canvas is not just a fun approach to art but it’s also a great conversation piece in your house.

    It could be the densely packed enigmatic fantasies of your child, as seen in a customised Alice in Wonderland painting, your bike buddy and you as Jai-Veeru on a Harley Davidson Bike, or simply, a capture of fun moods with friends in our very unique black and white sketch. This style appeals to the non-conformist in you.