Your Portrait

Corporate Memento

Corporates can use the novelty of our products for various occasions. The idea can be extended for all of the following:

  • IPO listings

    IPO listings

    Your company going public and getting listed at the stock exchange is historic! This once in a lifetime opportunity needs to be seized and publicised. Get a special portrait made of the company's top management hitting the gong at the exchange and frame it in your boardroom for prestige value.

  • Art Reprints

    Art Reprints

    You can create multiple authorised copies of the original artwork that you've commissioned with us. Reprints help to cut costs and are a popular practice for placing them at your dealers and distributor's offices or just at all your offices. You can create limited editions and get them signed by us for authentication.

    For example: prints of the IPO portrait or the motorcycle racer.

  • Certificates


    If you're celebrating little victories within the office or handing out employee incentives or even giving out excellence awards for performances at big-ticket conferences, customise the certificates that you hand out.

    Get a hand painted face of the winner with his/ her name. This is a unique product and enhances the value of the certificate.

  • Terrific Table Tops

    Terrific Table Tops

    Place our small table top sized portraits on wooden or wrought iron easels and charm the guest of honour.

    Gifting these is not just personal and heart warming but is high in value and also affordable. Be sure that it'll create an impression in the mind of the client/ guest/ management that you gift it to.

  • Caricatures


    Set against a cityscape, this black and white artwork is a concoction of a caricature and a portrait.

    It allows corporates to be humorous and tickle the funny bone without compromising on the seriousness. An ideal gift for peers and seniors.