Your Portrait

Ever thought of gifting a memory wrapped in canvas?

A portrait embodies the very definition of such a gift. Who can overlook that extra personal touch, those invaluable memories to cherish forever, that are captured in the fabric of that moment!

Truth be told, there is hardly a social occasion for which you cannot gift a portrait. Weddings, your parents’ silver jubilee anniversary, your own marriage anniversary, a friend’s farewell, a house-warming party, children’s birthdays, a tenuous personal challenge overcome, remembering a dear pet fondly, ...heck, even the time when your little one caught Santa red-handed munching on cookies in the kitchen!
We have it all, customised for you.

You help us understand the mood we need to capture. We will contextualise and customise the portrait to bring out the best undertones of that mood and your relationship with the recipient.

Our promise ? The gift and the giver will stand out in the heart and mind of the recipient! Forever.

  • Mantel Masterpieces

    Mantel Masterpieces

    Our flagship product is suave and apt for a gift that lasts a lifetime. Small, yet right in size for a single face you'd like to get painted, this is truly a masterpiece, that’s crafted with great finesse and passion. They come with decorative easels to be placed anywhere - writing table/ bed side/ small living rooms/ office desk.

  • Awesome Twosome

    Awesome Twosome

    It's love in the offing when we paint these couple portraits. Wedding anniversaries, silver jubilees, newly wed, sibling memories, parental frames - all to be immortalised on canvas.

  • Party Charms

    Party Charms

    Make the birthday party of your young ones, viral. Gift a theme-based customised caricature to your child's friends as back presents and enjoy the thrill they experience; as they show and discuss each of their characters that are drawn and painted by us.

  • A Funny Take

    A Funny Take

    Describe the character you want painted. Let's highlight a funny trait he or she has and then watch it come alive on canvas. It's for those who have a good sense of humour and want to share a laugh with their friends, colleagues and even family. Just gift our new, unique, creative caricature series.